How do we keep our proxies ethical?

  • By Admin
  • 2022-02-13 00:56:59

Domain blacklisting

A thing that other providers do not do is blacklist domains that possibly could be malicious or domains that are mostly used for malicious activity, for example banking sites, private endpoints, and e-mail providers are blocked and cannot be accessed through our proxies due to the high risk of abuse. In case a domain is blacklisted that you are currently using, we will reach out to you in order to possibly remove the domain from the blacklist in case we made a mistake. For us to remove a domain from the blacklist you will need a proper reason and proof that you are not doing something illegal with the data that is obtained through the proxy.


Scraping is completely allowed and you are allowed to scrape websites in order to extract data, this does no harm to our network thus is allowed.


We absolutely do NOT allow brute force attempts on our network. Any signs of brute-forcing will have your proxy disabled and reactivated under manual inspection.

Unethical API usage

You are not allowed to send requests to API's that are not supposed to be accessed directly by the user.


Ethical sourcing

Our proxies are sourced from real people, we do not pool any servers into our proxy pool and make sure they are residential and real people. We do not run proxies on unknowing devices and we make sure that the user knows with hundred percent transparency, we pay for the traffic that is being used from their network. We make sure to gain full consent from the user, instead of hiding it in some kind of terms of service.

Closed sales

We do not sell to anyone, we like to keep our network private for proper usage and less saturability. We make sure our networks are as fast as possible in order to appease our customers.


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